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Weird and Cheap Kitchen updates that you can do yourself!

If you have an outdated house, (or are interested in buying a house that is outdated) good news! Here are a lot of cheap ideas that will transform your living area!

1. The Magic of Paint
Of course, fresh paint on the walls is always a great update. But did you know you can paint ugly cabinets and counter-tops too? The only change in the picture below is paint. Pretty huge change! Follow this link for instructions. 






2. Concrete

How does concrete fit into a kitchen? Better than you would think? If painting the counter-tops isn’t your thing or you want stone but can’t afford it, this is for you! Concrete counter-tops are durable. You can stain it to look like marble, granite, wood, versatile, and best yet, cheap!   Learn how to do this yourself. 















3. Upgrade all your appliances for $50? It isn’t impossible. If you desire a stainless steel look, you can buy stainless steel contact sheets. Applying this to your appliances will really change the appearance of your kitchen! Read more Here!

Or you can paint it with Rust-oleum Stainless steel paint. Read more here!

If you were to get new counter-tops, cabinets, and appliances, you would be spending thousands of dollars, and very easily could be worth it. But these cheap tricks look at least 70% as good and cost only 5% as much!