11 Ways to Prevent a Home Invasion

  1. Stop blabbing! Americans tend to tell everyone about where they are, all the time. Don’t post on social media pictures of vacation until after you get back. Don’t post your address or pictures of the front of your house on social media either! Assume everything you post publicly, a thief will see.
  2. Don’t underestimate daylight.  There is a great chance that there is no one home during the work day. So don’t let down your guard by leaving a door unlocked.
  3. Have video surveillance. More than likely having video surveillance will keep you from having to use it. Burglars don’t want to mess with you and will likely just pass on by.
  4. Don’t Shush your Dogs. A dog’s bark, not his bite, scares off the thieves.  No thief wants to risk someone checking out why the dog is yapping.
  5. Keep valuables out of the master bedroom. The master bedroom, and the master bedroom closet are the first places that thieves will look. They know that is where jewelry, electronics, and cash stashes are kept. They want to be in and out as quick as possible. So stash your valuables inside cereal boxes in your kitchen. It is the last place a robber will look.
  6. Take the trash out in the morning. Don’t let your trash sit at the curb all night if you can help it. It gives the thieves time to sort through your trash to find out information like credit card bills, and other tips to what kind of high value items you might have in your home. And don’t leave fancy TV boxes out on your curb. That is a sure sign that they will hit it big when they bust in.
  7. Have a friend stop by when you are gone. Have them pick up your mail and newspapers on your porch. Have them trample through your snow.  Nothing makes your house look more thief friendly than having a stack of newspapers on your porch and untouched snow.
  8. Don’t have a convenient hide-a-key. Never hide a house key under the welcome mat or in the mailbox. Make it really, really inconvenient and hard to find. Better yet. Don’t have one!
  9. Secure your sliding doors. These doors are probably the weakest link in your house. When the door is shut & locked, lay a long bar down on the tracks to ensure that it can’t be forced open from the outside.
  10. New home, New Locks. You never know who might have a copy of your key.
  11. Install security lighting. Especially at the entry points to your house. As it goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
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