Huron Public Schools

At Huron Public Schools, life-long learners will be inspired and developed through effective teaching in a safe and caring environment. The district focuses on academic excellence, and emphasizes basic concepts in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The students also acquire valuable skills in the areas of technology, problem solving, communication, and workplace success, in addition to their physical, social and emotional well-being.

Huron Public Schools offers a comprehensive curriculum typically found in larger districts while providing attention to individual needs typically found in the smallest of districts.

The Huron School District 2-2 includes 4 elementary schools, the Huron Middle School, and Huron High School.

Parents, students, and teachers can find calendars, resource links, and contact information on their website.

Huron Public Schools

PO Box 949, Huron SD 57350
(605) 353-6990


Holy Trinity Catholic School

Holy Trinity Catholic School is a private educational facility supported by Holy Trinity Catholic Parish.  Its mission is to complement the family unit in educating the whole child and challenging students to reach their full potential.

Holy Trinity presently enrolls students from preschool to sixth grade, and both Catholic and non-Catholic parents are invited to send their children to the school. The Holy Trinity School faculty practice positive teaching methods to help the students reflect the best Catholic self image. Parents can rely on a faculty and staff who strive to form a community of faith in union with Christ’s teachings.

The school philosophy stresses that parents are the primary educators of their children and parents are encouraged to take an active role in school activities. Religion classes are taught every day by classroom teachers, and parish priests also conduct weekly classes.  Grades K-6 participate in special liturgies as well.

Holy Trinity Catholic School works closely with the Huron Public School District: school calendar, busing, hot lunch, speech and special education programs.  It also helps ease the transition of our 6th grade students to the middle school. For more information visit their website.

Holy Trinity Catholic School

425 21st Street SW, Huron SD 57350

James Valley Christian School

The James Valley Christian School is a non-profit, non-denominational school offering education for preschool children ages 3 to 5 and state-accredited education for grades Kindergarten through 12. They endeavor to provide a balanced education based on strong academic and spiritual standards. The school offers a challenging curriculum that prepares students to enter colleges and universities with confidence and the ability to excel. They strive to help students develop spiritual depth, academic excellence and moral integrity. Their purpose is to provide academic instruction, spiritual guidance, and opportunities for active student participation.

The goal of James Valley Christian School is to endeavor to lead each student to a voluntary commitment of his/her life to the Lordship of Christ; to develop each student’s God-given spiritual, physical, mental, social and artistic gifts to their fullest potential; and to lead each student to a spiritual maturity that glorifies God.

To learn more about tuition rates, financial assistance, and event and activities, please visit their website.

James Valley Christian School

1550 Dakota Ave N, Huron SD 57350

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