Love it or List it

Love It or List it is a home design TV show currently on HGTV. If you have ever watched it you would know the show is designed to help homeowners choose between keeping their newly renovated home or to buy a different home. Have you ever considered such a challenge?

Reconsider your home and what you love and what you wish you could change. You can draw a simple two column chart labeled, “Love it” or “List it”. First of all, do you love your location? Do you wish you could live in a different area of town, nearer to your child’s school, or your work? Obviously changing the location of your current home is very impractical. If living in a different neighborhood is important to you, make a check in the “List it” Column. Otherwise, if you love your location, check in the “Love it” Column.

Is your home big enough? Or too big? Adding an addition to a home is often a good way to improve your home for your needs. But practicality is depending on lot size, floor plan, budget, and vision. If you need more room for a growing family you can reinvent spaces too. For example, finishing the basement with egress windows for an extra bedroom. If there is no room to reinvent or you simply have too big of a house, consider checking in the “List it” column.

What current need isn’t being met in your house? Do you need main floor laundry? Or a place for coats and boots so they don’t litter the living room, possibly a garage? Explore ideas for how this could be added. Sometimes closets you have in your home already could be set up for laundry for a couple hundred dollars. But what about a mud room? Depending on your home and the space you have, this might mean an addition, or not possible at all. Reconsider how valuable it would be, whatever your need, and the difficulty/expense of implementing it in your own home. If you feel it isn’t a possibly to add to your home, put a check in the “List it” Column.

What about that layout? Do you dream of a open concept floor plan? Or a master bath? Sometimes a wall knock out can open up an entire home. Figure out what can be done to accomplish your dreams. And decide whether you feel it is feasible or not. Don’t forget to check the column that applies to your decision.

How do you like the style of your home? Floors, cabinets, doors? If you love your home but just wish it was more modern, go for the upgrades! If cabinets scream 90’s with golden blonde wood, you can ditch them all together, paint or stain them. Sometimes just new counter top, cabinet hardware and new flooring can modernize your kitchen while keeping your blonde cabinets. Install new paneled doors and replace your golden door knobs with oil rubbed bronze. These upgrades don’t have to break the bank and can be done over time as your budget allows. If these type of upgrades are all you need to Love It, then put a check in the “Love it” column.

Continue to do this for all of your needs/wants. You might find that your home just needs a few upgrades or that your home doesn’t work for you anymore and it is time to List It.

If you think it is time to List your home and find one that better fits your needs, Give me a call! Angie Uttecht 605-350-2553





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