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Don’t Wait Until Spring– Now is the time to buy!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that the average person wouldn’t prefer to haul their belongings into their new house during the winter. Of course they would prefer the spring! Since nearly everyone thinks like this, there are a plethora of home buyers ready to pounce at a good deal when the weather warms up.

But you can beat the rush! There are still a good amount of nice houses to choose from on the market. Many of them have been on for quite a while and are ready to accept a lower offer.

Another reason to buy this winter is low interest rates. There really is no promise on when the interest rates will rise. But one thing we know historically, is that interest rates are REALLY low!

If interest rates rose even 1% on a $180,000 house, you will pay an extra $107 a month. Over 30 years that is an extra $38,520.

Now I don’t know how valuable it is to you to un-pack in your flip-flops… but if you are financially ready to buy a house now, do it!