Do I need a permit to work out of my home?

Here are the types of businesses you can run out of your home. This list is not exclusive.

Type 1 Home Occupation: Permitted uses include but are not limited to : office jobs such as artist, authors, architects, consulting, word processing, computer programming. Specialty’s such as bakery/catering, handcrafts, (not for sale on site), individual tutoring, individual music lessons. Sales involving  Amway, Shaklee, Avon, Mary Kay or Tupperware etc.

Type 2: Barber shop, Portrait studio, electronic repair, woodworking for hire.

Type 3: General contracting, Landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, irrigation systems, janitorial services, animal grooming, taxidermy with the condition that any animal grooming will be secondary to the use of the house as a residence, Vehicle Repair or detailing provided that  the use of any related activities are enclosed entirely within structures on the lot.

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