Must-Do Checklist for Changing Your Address

The day you close on your new house is very exciting. It is really easy to overlook some responsibilities you have on this special day. Some items, such as utilities, have to be changed right away. Others can wait a little longer.

You have to change your address on all your utilities. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Cable/Satellite


  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Your Place of Work
  • Pension
  • Investments
  • Social Security
  • Insurance Policies


  • Children’s School
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Post Office
  • Voting Address
  • Friends & Family
  • Driver’s License

If you forget any of the non-bolded items and mail is sent to your old address, it isn’t a big deal. They will forward your mail, just as long as you changed your address with the Post Office.

Trading Up for Less?

Today you can lock in a 15-year mortgage at 2.875%. That is almost an entire percent down from last year. And even last year was considered historically low! You can play with a mortgage calculator and find that between the equity you have in your current house and the extremely low interest rate… it is possible to trade up houses without a higher monthly payment.

For example: if you had a $200,000 loan at 6% with no down-payment. Your monthly payment would be roughly $1532.

Lets say 5 years have passed and you never paid extra on your mortgage. You now owe $186,108 on your loan and the value of your house has gone up. You could likely pay 10% down on your next loan of $270,000 at 3.625% and only pay $26 more a month than before.

Play with the calculator to see what you can now afford with today’s low interest rate!




[mortgage interest_rate=”3.625″ mortgage_term=”30″]


After a long’s winter nap real estate is starting to wake up!

• Sold 2 Huron Residential Sales compared to 12 in 2014
• Pending sales up 180% with 14 in 2015 compared to 5 in 2014
• 15 new listings compared to 11 last year
• 86 current Huron Res listings compared to 62 in 2014
• Average days on the market was 280 days compared to 170

• 5 sold compared to 26 last year
• 18 pending sales compared to 22 in 2014
• 31 new listings compared to 25 last year
• 191 average days on the market compared to 139

November Real Estate Stats

HURON REAL ESTATE HAPPENINGS. Another month has come and gone! Here are real estate results for November*:
(*compiled from Huron Area MLS Stats)

(Call, text or email with questions! 605-350-2553,, Angie Uttecht, Ace Realty, 1718 Dak Ave S, Huron, SD)

• Sold 6 Huron Residential Sales compared to 11 in 2013
• Pending sales down 50% with 6 in 2014 compared to 12 in 2013
• 7 new listings compared to 22 last year
• 96 current Huron Res listings compared to 81 in 2013
• Average days on the market was 144 days compared to 234

• 141 sold compared to 156 last year
• 129 pending sales compared to 176 in 2013
• 231 new listings compared to 268 last year
• 127 average days on the market compared to 147

September Stats

HURON REAL ESTATE HAPPENINGS. September was a pretty good month. I am not sure if we will finish the year better than 2013. It’s going to be close so I guess time will tell to see how many sales we have these last 3 months!

Call, text or email with questions! 605-350-2553,, Angie Uttecht, Ace Realty, 1718 Dak Ave S, Huron, SD

• Sold 17 Huron Residential Sales compared to 5 in 2013
• pending sales same as last year with 13
• 26 new listings compared to 25 last year
• 95 current Huron Res listings compared to 100 in 2013
• Average days on the market 112 compared to 194

• 116 sold compared to 128 last year
• 117 pending sales compared to 139 in 2013
• 200 new listings compared to 225 last year
• 121 average days on the market compared to 144

Don’t End Up On This Blog!

When you are selling a house, you are really selling a lot more than a house! Are you selling a cozy home? A scary home? What image will people have when they look at your photos online? A real estate agent/photographer can only do so much to take good photos. The bulk is in your hands to make your house presentable. It can sell months quicker when you make it presentable… and not scary!

Check out these (hysterical!) terrible real estate photos, and do your best to not let your home pictures become part of the collection!

There’s a balance to be struck between making a room appear too tidy, and making it appear as if the owner should have a television documentary made about them.So, how long has this place been on the market?The fact that each doll has been hermetically sealed doesn’t make this room any less terrifying after dark.
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8 Tricks to Making a Smooth Move

Congratulations! You are moving to a new place! If you are an American, that means you have a ton of junk and still have a life to maintain during the transition. Here are a few tips to help keep your sanity!

Women's Toiletry Travel Bag in Packed SuitcasePretend you are going to a hotel for a week. Make a little suitcase full of things you will need in the next few days. Toothbrushes, change of clothes, cellphone chargers, medications, deodorant, makeup, body wash, razors, etc.  You will need them before you unpack everything.






Pack a bathroom kit. After a long day of moving you will want to take a shower in your new place. So pack your shower curtain, some towels, toilet paper, and hand soap.

Young woman using mobile phone, surrounded by removal boxesLabel all boxes on their side. This prevents the labels from getting covered when boxes are stacked.







Stay organized when disassembling. You will have to disassemble many items in your home like TV mounts, Tables, Curtain rods, bed frames, etc. Prevent loosing the screws and bolts by putting them in a zip-lock bag and taping the bag to the corresponding item.

Pack and unpack your closet easily. While clothes are still hanging, use a large garbage bag and engulf 20-30 shirts at once. Tie the bag tightly over the hanger heads. This keeps all your clothes clean, dry, and easy to place back on a closet rod.

Take picture of your old place cleared out. If you are renting and hope to get your deposit back, you might have to show proof that you left he house clean.


Open refrigeratorStop making trips to the grocery store. Try to be creative in ways to eat up all the food you already have. Less food to move is always a good thing. Especially fruits, breads and soft foods that go bad. Cans and pantry items won’t go bad but they are very heavy to transport.




Mixed race baby girl sitting in cardboard boxHire a babysitter– (For same city moves)  Taking care of a baby or a toddler while moving will really slow you down. Lots of heavy furniture and appliances will be moving and you don’t want one of them to be in the way or get hurt.

June Market Statistics

June Market Stats ~ Call, text or email with questions! 605-350-2553
Huron MLS

• Sold 16 Huron Residential Sales compared to 19 in 2013
• 12 pending sales compared to 16 in 2013
• 20 new listings compared to 27 last year
• 82 current Huron Res listings compared to 83 in 2013
• Average days on the market 116 compared to 139

• 77 sold compared to 76 last year
• 75 pending sales compared to 93 in 2013
• 120 new listings compared to 140
• 191 current listings compared to 215 in 2013
• 132 average days on the market compared to 135