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Avoiding Bad Trends when Updating your House


There has never been a time in history where trends could spread quicker. Trends involving updating a house are no different. Not long ago you would have to go over to someone's house in order to see what they've done. But not today. Whether you are on Facebook and seeing updates on your friends DIY projects or you have been scrolling through Pinterest ideas, seeing unique home improvements has never been easier. If a lady in Albuquerque paints her ceiling red and pins it on Pinterest, one month later that could have inspired thousands of ceilings to get painted red across the world. That could have never happened a decade ago.

With so many ideas out there you need to be careful not to turn a "home-improvement" into an eye sore down the road. 

As they say "Easy Come, Easy Go". If something gains popularity really quickly you can almost bet it will loose popularity quickly too. Shag carpet in earth-tone colors like gold and green wasn't heard of in early 1960's but in the 70's it had become the floor covering of choice. And then only a decade later it was gone again. 

Let's look at today's trends. What kind of styles are going as quickly as they came? 


Bypass Vintage Spoked Sliding Barn Door Closet by TheWhiteShanty: Barn Doors and barn wood everywhere. The trend probably started because old tumbled over barns needed to be put to use and someone got crafty and re-purposed it to make picture frames and shelves. Now you can buy Faux Barn Wood Furniture from their China furniture factory. They have even created vaulted ceilings out of barn wood and corrugated metal.  Can you imagine looking back on that and cringing?

Beautiful cobalt blue vessel sink....It needs a different faucet, etc., however.  Houzz ᘡղbᘠ: Unusual Sinks. It's not hard to imagine these going out of style quickly. Every design of these glass bowls are very style specific. And a small percentage of people would like the color and pattern than if it was a regular sink. Future buyers just might not be able to imagine that bathroom being their own.

House of Turquoise: Colordrunk Designs  (Would LOVE to try this tile in a bathroom!): Chevron. This pattern got a ton of attention very quickly and could be found on every skirt, baby blanket, and book cover. But should it belong in the house? Especially paired with a trendy color, you can bet on the year this backsplash was installed, 2013. It has only been 3 years and it is dated.