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7 Things home buyers should absolutely NOT do!

Home buyers real estate

Home buyers real estateYou look and look to find a home. You finally find one and are ready to make it your own. Wouldn’t you hate to have it taken from you? Avoid missing out by not making these common mistakes when buying a home.

  • Don’t look at houses until you are fully approved for financing. You need to be ready or someone else can beat you to your dream home. And that hurts!
  • Don’t accept the first loan you are approved for. Go to a couple mortgage companies and get the best terms. You might be surprised how much they can vary!
  • Don’t quit or change your job. Your loan depends on it!
  • Don’t buy large ticket items. Especially on credit. Car, TV, Furniture, girl scout cookies, anything that isn’t already in your monthly budget, you need to skip on.
  • Don’t order services like Direct TV, Cable, Telephone, or Internet that will pull a credit report. You will have to write a letter of explanation about the inquiry to your mortgage company.
  • Don’t change your name. It will complicate and delay the process. Do it before you make an offer, or wait until after the closing is done.